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Peak Adventure is Melbourne's one-stop-shop for adventure racing, kayaking, obstacle racing and multisport athletes. Whether you're an elite wanting to take on the world's best, or just a weekend warrior yearning for some more adrenalin in your life, Peak Adventure can help you achieve you goals and discover a healthier, happier, more adventurous 'you'. Led by Australia's most accomplished adventure athlete, Jarad Kohlar, the Peak Adventure team offers weekly group fitness sessions, private coaching, skills courses, training camps and adventure tours in kayaking, trail running, mountain-biking, adventure racing, obstacle racing and more. Talk to us today about how to find your own 'peak adventure.'

Jarad Kohlar Peak Adventure
James Pretto Peak Adventure
Jarad Kohlar

The name Jarad Kohlar is synonymous with Australian adventure sports. With an impressive resume of race wins across numerous adventure disciplines, Jarad personifies what adventure sport is all about – tough, eclectic, fun-loving and a little bit crazy. You’d struggle to find a harder working, more passionate adventure athlete anywhere in the world.
Jarad applies his intensely competitive nature to many adventure disciplines including multisport, adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, paddling and obstacle course racing. His athletic career has taken him all over the globe, from the Middle East and China, to Europe, the US, New Zealand and beyond.
But Jarad’s true passion lies in teaching and coaching; introducing people from all walks of life to the transformative power of the great outdoors. He constantly encourages everyday people to explore their potential, to do well in whatever they pursue and to celebrate every achievement.
He is perhaps best known for doggedly promoting and growing the sport of ocean ski paddling.


  • Bachelor of Outdoor Education/Nature Tourism

  • Diploma of Education

  • Wilderness First Aid
Level 2 First Aid

Bronze Medallion

  • Australian Professional Snowsports Instructor Level One

  • Level One Kayak Coach 

  • Sea Kayak Guide

  • White Water River Rescue 
Level 2

  •  PMBI Mountain Bike Instructor Level 1 

James Pretto

If it’s 6am and 4 degrees, and you’re wondering why the hell you got out of bed, you can count on Coach Pretto to get you in the mood with his infectious positivity, irrepressible energy and cheeky sense of humour. In fact it’s hard to imagine James ever hitting the snooze button. He genuinely loves his training, and it’s an attitude that rubs off on everyone around him.

Since crossing over from the dark side of triathlon, under the mentorship of Jarad Kohlar, James has become a force to be reckoned with in adventure racing and multisport. He has racked up an impressive CV of results to match his master’s, with wins at the Australian Multisport Champs, M2M Multisport and the Mark Webber Challenge.

A paramedic by day (and night), James has outstanding leadership skills and a genuine rapport with everyone he coaches, from our total beginners, to our elites.



  • Bachelor of Exercise Science

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)

  • Level 1 Kayak Coach (Canoeing Vic)

  • Level 1 Canoeing Instructor/ Guide (Canoeing Vic)

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Bronze Medallion

Robbie Savage Peak Adventure
Robbie Savage

Robbie saw the light in 2010 when he made the switch from lifetime of team sports to the unknown world of adventure racing and multisport. Since then he has well and truly caught the bug, racing in all parts of the country in all types of formats. Robbie has been coaching since 2012 and credits his love of coaching to years of yelling at people in coaching and captaining roles in other sports! As an exercise scientist he also has a keen interest in the physiological and technical demands of the sport. “Paddling is an extremely technical movement which we can all improve, no matter what our level. Paddling is also such an enjoyable skill which can take you places all around the world, whether it’s leisurely floating down the river or sticking your tongue out in pure excitement when riding the top of a wave.” Robbie is currently competing in paddling, adventure racing and ultra-marathons and looks forward to seeing the development of these sports on the Australian scene in the coming years.

Emma Francis Peak Adventure
Emma Francis

Like many of us, Emma discovered the joys of adventure racing in the throes of an early mid-life crisis. Disillusioned with a life of 9 to 5, she Googled ‘Adventure Racing’, came across the name Jarad Kohlar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In five short years, Emma has gone from struggling to run five kilometres, to comfortably (well, almost) knocking off 50; learnt to paddle and mountain-bike from scratch (yes, there have been tears); and has completed some of the world’s most gruelling and iconic races and expeditions, including GeoQuest, Xterra Japan, Adventurethon, Adventurefest, the Zunyi Outdoor Quest in China, and has even paddled a surf ski across Bass Strait.

Recently, Emma has turned her attention to coaching and teaching, with a particular passion for introducing women to the male-dominated sport of ocean ski paddling. As someone who’s arrived late to the adventure racing and multisport scene – and a proud mid-packer - Emma understands what it’s like to be a novice, and is appreciated for her down-to-earth, empathic and realistic approach to coaching and training.

In her spare time, Emma dabbles in adventure journalism, and has written for The Age newspaper, Outer Edge Magazine, Get Lost Magazine, Paddle Mag, and Trail Run Mag.



  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

  • Diploma of Health Science

  • Level 1 Kayak Coach (Canoeing Vic)

  • Level 1 PMBI Mountain Bike Instructor 

  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ACSA)

  • Level 2 First Aid

  • Bronze Medallion

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