Peak Adventure Group Training

Peak Adventure offers six weekly group training sessions at central locations around Melbourne. These sessions, which cover ocean ski paddling, kayaking and adventure running, are designed to get the best out of every level of athlete by providing a safe, fun and structured training environment with like-minded people. There's nothing like a bit of friendly competition to help you realise your potential, so if you're finding all that solo training a grind, get along to a group session today!

Group Kayaking Melbourne

Led by some of Australia’s top AR, multisport and paddling athletes, Peak Adventure’s ocean kayaking squad sessions comprise structured training sets designed to improve your technique, strength and fitness. Whether your goal is to simply get fit, lose weight, and discover a healthy hobby in the great outdoors, or compete in kayaking, adventure racing or multisport events, our squad sessions cater for a wide variety of athletes.

Adventure Racing Melbourne
Adventure Running 

Whether you're taking part in an ultra trail run, off-road triathlon, adventure race or obstacle race, running off piste on difficult and varied terrain requires more than just a great V02Max. You need both upper and lower body strength (think bouldering, rock scrambling and wall climbing); balance and core stability (think balance beams or crossing rivers on fallen trees); agility (think the uneven surfaces of rough trails) and flexibility (to get out of those tight situations!) Our three weekly group adventure running sessions will not only bring out your inner thoroughbred, but your inner chimpanzee and mountain goat too!

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