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Mitchell River Whitewater Clinic

25/26 February


Want to learn the whitewater paddling skills needed to successfully negotiate the Grade 2-3 rapids of event like X-Marathon, Coast to Coast and the Australian Adventure Festival? Enjoy an adventurous weekend with like-minded athletes in one of Victoria's must stunning rivers? Then get along to our Peak Adventure Mitchell River whitewater paddle on 25th and 26th of February.

What you will learn:


  • Craft selection and set-up

  • Preparation: nutrition, hydration and safety gear

  • How to identify and respond appropriately to Grade 2 river features, such as eddylines, wave trains, holes, buffer waves, bluffs, side currents and boils.

  • How to identify and negotiate safe and efficient lines.

  • Efficient and effective forward paddling. 

  • Efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes.

  • Effective low brace.

  • How to break in and out of eddies. 

  • How to ferry glide

  • How to identify and understand hazards associated with whitewater kayaking, including broaching, strainers and foot entrapment. 

  • How to self-rescue with kayak and gear. 

  • How to be rescued with the aid of another craft.

  • How to receive a throw bag as a swimmer.

  • How to pick the race line while river paddling.



  • 7am meet Den of Nargun Carpark

  • 7:15am car pool to Angusvale Camp ground (gravel road).

  • 9am start paddle back to Den of Nargun. Grade 1 and 2+ rapids. Paddling time will take 5-6 hours but we'll allow 7 hours for a nice lunch stop. 

  • 4pm finish paddle.

  • 4pm-5pm pack up and set up camp at Eco Bend Camping Park (to  book a cabin or campsite, please contact park directly on (03) 5157 6317

  • 6pm-8pm BBQ dinner (provided)



  • 9am start paddle from Den of Nargun to Final Fling rapid

  • 2pm finish paddle Final Fling

  • 5pm-8pm drive home including a pub dinner.  



$250 per person for PA members 
$350 non PA members. 

All kayaking equipment supplied. Includes BBQ dinner on Saturday night.

What you need to bring


  • A wetsuit - this is mandatory as you will be spending a fair bit of time saturated! We have a few spare ones available if needed. Please email us if you'd like to borrow one. 

  • Windproof cag

  • Footwear/booties (essential)

  • Sufficient nutrition and hydration for duration of the sessions. Hot soup or tea in a small thermos is a good tip for the kayaking.

  • Change of dry clothes and towel.

  • Small dry bag for keys, money, food etc.

  • Camping gear and/or bedding, and casual clothing, as required.

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