Flow paddles have been designed not only for maximum efficiency with their shape but also for the best combination between strength and weight. While they are not the absolute lightest paddle on the market rest assured you won’t have to worry about the blade twisting in the water or breaking them partway through a race. With reinforced tips, it is the ideal paddle for adventure racing, ideally suited to river and ocean paddling.

The new clamp system is now available on all split-shaft paddles as standard, completely redesigned with no tools required but tough enough not to close up on the harshest river trips

Flow MS Paddle Range

  • The MS 2 is a great size for longer distances and endurance paddling.

    • Split-shaft
    • Reinforced titanium tips
    • Length 477mm
    • Width 157mm
    • 750grams


  • The same shape and angles as the MS2 but 4% smaller all over. The MS1 is a great size for long distances, paddlers who prefer a high cadence and smaller paddlers.

    • Split-shaft
    • Reinforced titanium tips
    • Length 457mm
    • Width 151mm
    • 725 grams