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Adventure Running


Whether you're taking part in an ultra trail run, off-road triathlon, adventure race or obstacle race, running off piste on difficult and varied terrain requires more than just a great V02Max. You need both upper and lower body strength (think bouldering, rock scrambling and wall climbing); balance and core stability (think balance beams or crossing rivers on fallen trees); agility (think the uneven surfaces of rough trails) and flexibility (to get out of those tight situations!) Our two weekly group adventure running sessions will not only bring out your inner thoroughbred, but your inner chimpanzee and mountain goat too!


What can I expect from a session?

Lots of off-road goodness designed to build your adventure, obstacle racing and trail running skills steadily and sustainably. Think intervals, speed work, strength work and hill efforts, as well as agility drills, sand running and rock hopping. We'll also be cracking out the slack-line, kettlebells, sandbags and ropes, and some obstacles to hone your balance, strength (upper, lower and core) and flexibility - all essential elements in trail, adventure-race and obstacle-course running. 


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to get off-road and can run or jog 5km without stopping. We will structure the sessions so you can work at your own pace – no one gets left behind.

What should I bring?

Just your good self, your favourite pair of runners (trail-specific runners are preferable, but not essential), some hydration and comfy, weather-appropriate clothes. Showers are available after sessions at Sandridge LSC.



Casual: $10 per session

Free with a monthly, 3 monthly or annual membership

Adventure Running Melbourne

Please book in via the MINDBODY app. 

Wednesday: 6am-7:15am, Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne



Sandridge Beach 240 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

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