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~ The Course and Training ~

Walking 30kms on the flat is achievable in only a few hours. Add 1400m of elevation and you will need a few more hours to complete it! The hills are steep, the elevation is almost 5 times up the eureka sky deck. Training based on ascending meters is as essential as covering distance. Rather than walking on the flat for 20kms, you might consider an hour of efforts up and back a steep hill climb. You use different muscles when climbing up and down a hill or stairs and it is important to build these up while training for both strength and stability. 

If you don't have a hill with 1000m of elevation in your backyard, then find a smaller one and go up and down it a few times. If you live in Melbourne and are training on the 1000 steps, you should aim to be doing 3-4 reps of the trail in a day leading up to the event. 

Walking once a week is ok, but walking 3 times a week is better. You should be training with your pack, water and mandatory gear.

We recommend wearing the footwear now you plan to wear for the event. 

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