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Family fun paddle

Keen to try kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, but not sure where to start? Come down for a family fun session on the lake. Swimming, kayaking, games and laughter.  An instructor will be there to ensure you stay safe and have a blast.


All paddle equipment will be provided.

If you are looking for more guidance and paddle instruction check our Adventure Paddle option

What to bring:

You will be getting wet, so make sure you are dressed in clothing that is appropriate for the conditions e.g. Lycra, neoprene or polypropylene tops and bottoms; a windproof top (very important in winter); wetsuit if it’s super cold and you expect to fall in; booties or old runners (for warmth and foot-protection on the beach); beanie, cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen, depending on the weather. Please, COTTON, JEANS, HOODIES or JUMPERS are not suitable to paddle in. 


1 Hour

Cost per person $40, minimum 4 people

Suitable for all ages.

Please phone to book in 0409 786 237

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