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Pricing Options


We offer a number of pricing options for our group sessions so you can train your way. 

Register here and then book online via our website or using the Mindbody app on your phone. 

Casual attendance
  • $25 per session - Must purchase and book online using Mindbody app prior to class.


10-session multipass
  • $150 (Expires 6 months from date of purchase. Non-refundable)

Membership plans

Get the most out of your training – and the most bang for your buck – by signing up to a Peak Adventure membership plan.


You'll get:


  • Unlimited access to all our group training sessions, in kayaking, trail running, adventure racing and more. That’s up to 10 sessions a week!

  • Members-only discounts on Courses, Clinics, Camps & Tours

  • Access to members-only specials at the Peak Adventure Shop


We have three plans to choose from:

Monthly unlimited 

  • $100 per month (Unlimited group sessions. May be cancelled any time before next billing cycle. Non-refundable once billed)



3-month unlimited

  • $285 (Unlimited group sessions. Expires three months from date of purchase. Non-refundable) 



12-month contractMonthly recurring payments for 12 months. 

  • $90/month (Unlimited group sessions. Expires 12 months from date of purchase. Non-refundable) 



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