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~ Rules and Ettiqute ~

  • You MUST carry your mandatory gear at all times.

  • Part of the challenge of The Australian Grand Traverse is teamwork. This involves sticking together, no matter what, and helping your team mates when they are battling. This is a team event. You MUST stay with your team members at all times. You will not be allowed to pass a checkpoint, without all team members. Your team will be disqualified if you do not finish together. If someone in your team is struggling, offer to carry their gear, ensure they have had adequate food and water. You must stay together at all times. 

  • When on the trail, if you hear walkers behind you, it is good etiquette to step to the side to let them pass. This allows groups traveling faster to pass without disturbing vegetation.   

  • If there is a medical emergency and you are in serious trouble, you need to call 000. If there is someone with another phone, please call us so we too can send help. 0409 786 237

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