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~A 30km trek with 1400m of  elevation from Falls Creek to Mt Hotham in a day ~


Start: Saturday 24th Feb 2024

Slalom Plaza, Falls creek

Race Briefing: 6.30am

Race start: 7:00am

Finish: The General Mt Hotham. Open all day until late. Food drinks and music!

School Bus

BUS shuttle transport

Bus from Mt Hotham (The General) to Falls Creek (Slalom Plaza/QT)


Option 1 - Mt Hotham at 4am on Saturday of the race, stopping at German Town and Mt Beauty to pick up and drop off.

Option 2 - finish line at Hotham (The General) to return to Falls Creek (Slalom Plaza/QT) regularly from 1400 on event day Saturday.

Option 3 - Sunday 10am bus Hotham (The General) to Falls Creek depending on demand.  


Helicopter shuttle

Helicopter transfer from Mt Hotham back to Falls Creek. 

email to book your spot

Image by Phil Desforges


Mt Hotham: 

Friday 23rd Feb 2024. 7.30pm-9pm at The General

Falls creek:

Friday evening 23rd of Feb Slalom Plaza, QT 7-9pm.

Saturday 24th Feb 2024. Slalom Plaza, QT 5am-7am

Please bring your mandatory gear to registration to be checked.

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