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Australian Adventure Festival

Paddle Clinic & Course Reccy

10-11th September

Want to learn the whitewater paddling skills needed to successfully negotiate the Grade 2-3 rapids of the mighty Mitchell River at the forthcoming Australian Adventure Festival (22 October)? Want to check out the run and MTB courses and enjoy an adventurous weekend with like-minded athletes in one of Victoria's must stunning national parks? Then get along to our two-day paddle clinic and course reccy.


Day 1, Saturday 10th September, Echo Bend

  • 8am-10am: 14km Run Course Reccy

  • 11am-3pm: Whitewater Skills Clinic, where you'll be introdcued to:

    • Craft selection and set-up

    • Preparation: nutrition, hydration and safety gear

    • How to identify and respond appropriately to Grade 2 river features, such as eddylines, wave trains, holes, buffer waves, bluffs, side currents and boils.

    • How to identify and negotiate safe and efficient lines. 

    • Efficient and effective forward paddling. 

    • Efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes.

    • Effective low brace.

    • How to break in and out of eddies. 

    • How to ferry glide

    • How to identify and understand hazards associated with whitewater kayaking, including broaching, strainers and foot entrapment. 

    • How to self-rescue with kayak and gear. 

    • How to be rescued with the aid of another craft.

    • How to receive a throw bag as a swimmer.

  • 6pm: BBQ Dinner at Echo Bend (provided)

Day 2, Sunday 11th September, Echo Bend

  • 8am: MTB Course Reccy

  • 11am-1pm: Full 12km Paddle Course Reccy, putting into practice the skills from yesterday.

Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to take on the Australian Adventure Festival one-day adventure race. All levels welcome and catered for.

What should I bring?

For the paddling clinic:

  • Multisport style sit-on-top kayaks to suit all levels are provided (long plastic e.g. Finn Endorfinn, Finn Molokai, Epic V5, Epic V7, Spirit PRS etc.) along with paddles, PFDs and helmets, or you can bring your own gear. If you BYO, we recommend only plastic boats due to the rocky nature of the river.

  • Wetsuit: As this is in the middle of winter and you will be getting wet, a sturdy wetsuit (3/2 mm minimum) is mandatory. Please do not wear a swimming/triathlon wetsuit as it WILL get ripped. We have a limited number of wetsuits available, so please contact us if you need to borrow one.

  • Footwear: Thick-soled 4/3 mm river booties are ideal

  • Windproof cag or jacket 

  • Beanie

  • Spare thermal top and pants

  • Space-blanket 

  • PFD and approved whitewater helmet if bringing your own gear

  • Nutrition and hydration to last up to 4 hours of paddling e.g. energy bars, gels, trail mix, sandwiches, soup, instant noodles or tea/coffee in a thermos, at least 2 litres of water in hydration bladder.

  • Small dry bag to store spare clothes, nutrition, keys, phone etc.


For the MTB and Run Reccies:

  • Servicable MTB, helmet, gloves and usual running and riding gear. We recommend trail-specific runners for the run, as the course is quite technical in places.

  • Adequate nutrition and hydration.


  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks. We will provide a BBQ dinner on the Saturday evening.

  • Warm clothes for before/after sessions and evening.

  • Camping gear if staying at Echo Bend Camping Park (recommended)

Where to stay

We will be based at the beautiful Echo Bend Camping Park (the closest park to the Mitchell River), where there are 60 unpowered camping sites, and limited number of onsite vans, and all your usual holiday park facilities.


To book a spot, click here.


How much?

Australian Adventure Festival
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