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Epic V5 Surfski - $1950

The Epic V5 surfski is Epic's brand new addition to the rotomolded surfski line. 

When the Rotomolded V7 was launched with its proprietary foam core construction that offered unmatched strength and stiffness in plastic kayaks, it became an instant hit in the global surfski market. The V5 has been designed for those paddlers seeking a surfski style sit on top that is even more stable than the V7 & even easier to handle in and out of the water. At 14 feet in length, with a width of 23.6 inches, and weighing only 46 pounds, the V5 provides excellent primary and secondary stabilty in all water conditions & can be easily handled in any situation off the water when loading and carrying. It fits a wide range of paddler sizes, ranging from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 7 inches.

Paddlers can look forward to paddling a design that is extremely responsive & has the ability to turn easily on waves. This makes it the perfect surfski for all bodies of water, including the ocean, rivers, lakes and even playing in shorebreak.

The Epic V5 production model will be offered in white with the Epic logo on the bow giving it a clean modern look.

It comes standard with the same proprietary carbon footboard system and the Epic designed & patented bailer as used on every Epic surfski. One of the unique features of the the Epic bailer is that it can be fully closed to seal off the surfski cockpit. It can also be opened in increments to drain the cockpit of any excess water as needed.
The V5 also has an aft storage hatch with a soft hatch cover and a rough water hard hatch cover to ensure that it is water tight in all water and surf conditions.

The V5 comes with a standard under the stern surfski rudder, however its capability can be further enhanced with an optional kick up rudder with no modification needed. The kickup rudder allows the V5 to be paddled in rocky or shallow area.




Length: 4.26 m
Width: 60.00 cm
Depth: 35.00 cm
Weight: 20.8kg 
Capacity: 127 kg
Storage: 100 l


  • Carbon Fiber footboard system

  • Quick adjustment leg length system

  • Fully adjustable, highly efficient Epic bailer system

  • Stern, bow and side handles for easy handling

  • Water bottle holder

  • Leg leash holder




To arrange a test paddle, find out more, or place an order, please contact us.

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