~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

  • Do we have to carry all our own water? Will there be places to fill up on the course?


Yes, you have to carry all your own water! The course is remote and it is not possible to have water stations along the course. You are required to have the capacity to carry at least 2L of water. A hydration bladder is a great option.

There are a few streams along the way where you could fill up, but we would recommend taking water purification tablets or an alternative.


  • Do we have to carry all our own food?

YES!​ See info on food here

  • Are there any marshalls / volunteers / first aid helpers on the course?


YES! There are checkpoints with course marshalls and basic first aid volunteers along the trail. But you must carry your own basic first aid supplies as outlined in the mandatory gear list.

  • Are there any markers to show the course on the way?


YES! The course will be well marked with fluorescent orange peak adventure trail markers.

  • Do we get a map?


No! See above

  • How long will it take?


We expect the fastest people to be finished in 3-4hours, the average to be 8-9 hours and some will take 12 hours. You must make the cut off points along the course or you will be 'short coursed' and unable to continue. The course will be cleared before dark. 

  • What do i eat?


See our info on nutrition and snacks here

  • Can i volunteer?


Yes! We are looking for volunteers with a range of skills. Please contact us at info@peakadventure.com.au

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