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Yarra Whitewater Clinic


Want to learn the art and skill of moving water paddling for multisport and adventure races like Coast to Coast, Eildon to Alexandra, XPD and the Upper Murray Challenge? Then this training clinic is a must. 



This one-day intensive whitewater training session on the upper Yarra River is ideal for people wishing to learn basic whitewater paddling skills while experiencing some beautiful river environments. This is a great course for adventure racing and multisport athletes who are training for the Eildon to Alexandra Multisport, Coast to Coast in NZ, Upper Murray Challenge or other events that include downriver paddling on grade 2 rapids.


Kayak (sit-on-top plastic), paddle, PFD and helmet available or BYO gear.

It is expected that you already have some experience paddling sit-on-top kayaks and are familiar with the fundamentals.



Start at the end of Lower Homestead Road, Mt Lofty Wonga Park.
Finish at Warrandyte for bakery goodness!












Sunday June 19th, 8am - 1pm

What will I learn?
  • Craft selection and set-up

  • Preparation: nutrition, hydration and safety gear

  • How to identify and respond appropriately to Grade 2 river features, such as eddylines, wave trains, holes, buffer waves, bluffs, side         currents and boils.

  • How to identifies and negotiate safe and efficient lines. 

  • Efficient and effective forward paddling. 

  • Efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes.

  • Effective low brace.

  • How to break in and out of eddies. 

  • How to ferry glide

  • How to identify and understand hazards associated with whitewater kayaking, including broaching, strainers and foot entrapment. 

  • How to self-rescue with kayak and gear. 

  • How to be rescued with the aid of another craft.

  • How to receive a throw bag as a swimmer.


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