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New Session for Adventure & Obstacle Racers

In 2016, our Wednesday morning adventure running squad is taking a slightly new slant, with a focus on adventure and obstacle racing as opposed to pure running. Why? Well, if our experience at XPD 2015 and the Spartan World Champs taught us anything, it's that the 'run' legs in expedition-style adventure racing, and obviously obstacle racing, rarely involve just running. Rather, they involve everything from serious bouldering and rock scrambling, to quad-busting off-piste mountain scaling and crawling on all fours!

To be successful in adventure and obstacle racing, you need to be more than just 'run fit'. You need to be strong - both above and below the waist - agile, stable through the core and joints, and flexible. You also need great proprioception and problem-solving skills

So, to this end, our new Wednesday morning format will follow in a similar vein to our Friday paddle/run format, and involve a lot more dynamic whole-of-body workouts that incorporate classic obstacle racing drills such as rope climbs, box jumps, sand-bag carries, tyre drags, army crawls and much more. Of course, there will be plenty of running as well.

We call is SAS!

All sessions will be devised by our very own Jarad Kohlar, with help from time-to-time from guest coach James Pretto. Jarad is the reigning Spartan Australian Champion, and was the highest ranked Aussie at the recent Spartan World Champs at Lake Tahoe. James finished an amazing fourth at the 2014 World Toughest Mudder.

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